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  iPod® Accessories » Aftermarket Radio Cables » iPOD-JVC

Item #:  iPOD-JVC
Weight:  0.00
Color: Black/ White

Item Description

For select JVC radios equipped with a CD changer input, this cable provides a direct audio input from any iPod with a dock connector, and it also charges the iPod while connected. By using the dock connector for audio output, the highest musical sound quality is achieved- much better than any FM transmitter or headphone adapter can provide. The iPod's click wheel controls are still used for song selection, play control, etc.

Instructions for selecting the JVC radio's external component input to allow the iPod's audio to play:
You can connect an external audio component (in this case an iPod) to the CD changer jack on the rear using the IPOD-JVC. To use the iPod as the playback source, you need to program the component input (which is preset from the factory for CD changer) to external component. The following instructions may vary from model to model, so consult your owner’s manual for the most accurate information.

· LINE IN: To use the external component other than CD changer
· CHANGER: To use the CD changer

1. Change the source to FM, AM or CD with FM/AM or CD button (these buttons vary from model to model).
2. Press and hold SEL (Select) for more than 2 seconds so that one of the Preferred Setting Mode items appears on the display.
3. Select “EXT IN” with the up or down arrows (these buttons vary from model to model).
4. Select the desired mode with the control dial.
The external component selecting mode changes as follows:
5. Press SEL (Select) to finish.

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