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  ProLink® Audio Products » Multi-Battery Isolators » BI-16023A

Item #:  BI-16023A
Weight:  3.65
Color: Blue

Item Description

For up to 95 Amp Delco (GM) equipped with Delcotron CS Series alternators (Most 1985 and newer) Jeep vehicles equipped with Delcotron CS Series alternators (Most 1985 and newer) Toyota 1985 and newer equipped with Nippondenso alternators. ProLink¨ high reliability multi-battery isolators are designed to operate at full rated load over the ambient temperature range of -40'F to +250'F. These solid state isolators provide automatic charge distribution and load isolation of batteries, and eliminates the need for operator intervention or mechanical solenoids. To chose the isolation 'best sufted for your vehicle, simply match the amperage rating of the isolator to the afternator. EXAMPLE: If the alternator is 100 Amps"CS" style, the 1203A Battery Isolator should be used. The CS series alternator can be identified by unplugging the plug-in connector from the alternator and counting the number of holes in the connector. The CS series will have 4 square holes in the connector; the standard series will have 2 slotted holes in the connector.

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