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CyberTrak is a state-of-the-art interactive vehicle tracking system based upon the Global Positioning System technology. At the heart of CyberTrak's VLU is a compact cellular transceiver networked to a GPS receiver that allows remote monitoring and interaction with a vehicle from anywhere in the world. Besides location information, CyberTrak can also log the vehicle's fastest speed of the day, and when the optional geo-fence feature is activated CyberTrak will alert the owner in the event the vehicle is moved outside of a pre-determined area without consent.

CyberTrak's state-of-the-art GPS technology automatically tracks the vehicle to within 100 feet and continually updates and stores location information until recalled by the user. The built-in MicroBurst ® cellular module provides wireless data transmission that blankets virtually the entire population of the U.S.,Canada, and Mexico that lies within range of a cellular network. Using this cellular connection CyberTrak sends vehicle location data to the end user (via telephone, pager, email, or internet) and provides the ability to control certain vehicle functions such as door unlocking, starter disable, etc.

The CyberTrak system components are easy to install and small enough to be easily hidden, providing excellent protection against unauthorized vehicle use and recoverability in the event the vehicle is stolen. Equipped with an on-board back-up battery and power management system, CyberTrak continues to provide protection for up to 45 days in case the vehicle's battery fails. In the event of a theft, CyberTrak can actively transmit its location for up to 15 hours even if the vehicle's battery is disconnected.

The advanced design of the CyberTrak module offers a variety of specialty applications, for both consumer and professional use.Besides the obvious consumer benefits of theft protection and stolen vehicle recovery, the CyberTrak system has gained popularity among parents of teenage drivers, vehicle fleet managers, special financing departments for car dealers, delivery/service truck dispatch personnel, and heavy equipment companies.

For more information please visit:
or contact us at 1-800-421-3533.


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